Top End Rehoming Group Inc (TERG) has been operating since 2015 and was created in response to recognition of the significant problem of stray and unwanted animals in our region. We are a small but extremely dedicated and hardworking team of volunteers that rescue unwanted, stray and abused animals and through social media and face-to-face adoption campaigns, rehome them. We also aim to educate the general public on responsible pet ownership and the importance of desexing and discourage animal cruelty and neglect. TERG advocates and operates in the wider Darwin region, including Katherine and remote communities. On any given day TERG can be contacted multiple times by local councils, individuals, business owners, veterinary clinics, organisations and concerned members of the public for advice and assistance with rehoming unwanted and stray animals. In addition to our core activities of TERG, there is a passion for desexing. This is the single most effective tool for managing the issue of unwanted and stray animals in the NT. Our organisation is supported by the generosity of local businesses and the public. The more money raised, the more animals we can save, help, desex and rehome. We run completely from foster families and volunteers, which eliminates the costs associated with a shelter and wages and allows donations to go directly toward our goals of rescue, rehoming, education, and addressing the issues at their root cause. Here are a few of our good news stories….